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Urban circus combines different talents and skills from around the world in one unique show, creating a brand new concept designed to re-define what you thought was possible.

“Nothing is what it seems in a space where ordinary people do amazing things.”

The show is set in an Urban landscape and features various acts performed by making use of their surroundings. Street lamps, park benches and even walls all become acrobatic props as the artists perform various street scenes.

In free-form physical art, agility and economy of movement are used to navigate and re-invent urban landscapes finding flow and elegance in negotiating and overcoming physical obstacles. So prepare to be amazed by the things that you thought, were familiar.

Urban Circus is your ticket to the 'circus ring' and a magical world where ordinary people become extraordinary. In a fusion of nationalities and skills, through the Arts of Cirque, Music and Dance, the artists perform the impossible.

The show combines, acrobatics, aerial acts, music, dance and comedy and is suitable for all ages.

Come and experience the magnificient, the impossible, the magical...Urban Circus!

“The most entertaining 'live' production available.”
Glen Beever – Founder of Talent Directory

In addition to various choreographed dancing scenes and comedy scenes, the show includes the following:

- Strap Act
- Rope Act
- Double Trapeze Act
- Cube Act
- Pole Act
- Table Dancing Act
- Giant Running Wall Act
- Silk Act
- Flying Guitarist Act
- Lera Act (giant hoop trapeze)

Orlando Vargas

Orlando was born in Chile and started his career with Circo del Mundo where he trained as a Social Circus Artist. Orlando is a specialist in Acrobatics, Clowning and Aerial work. He participated as as artist and youth delegate in the Oxfam International Youth Parliament (OIYP) in Sydney Australia. He went on to perform in Madame Singama, Beubeville, Barnyard Theatres and various other Cirque shows. Orlando is a phenomenal aerial artist and among the best in the world.

Natalie Vargas Riveros

Natalie started her career at the Jazzart Dance Theatre where she studied as a professional dancer. Natalie was one of five dancers invited by Cirque do Soleil to the Oxfam International Youth Parliament (OIYP) in Sydney Australia. She also performed in Madame Singama, Beubeville, Barnyard Theatres and various other Cirque shows. Natalie's beauty and grace are best witnessed aerially as she performs the most complex and amazing trapeze work.

Marco Vargas

Marco was also born in Chile and started his career with Circo del Mundo where trained in Acrobatics, Juggling and Chinese Poles as well as taking classes in Dancing, Theatre and Trapeze. Marco has performed in various productions including Barnyard Theatres and at Vaudeville, Electric Mansion and Afri-Klassiek. Marco is astounding with his juggling ability and various pole acts and this, together with his professional clowning talents, make him one of kind.

Graham Gillot

Graham is considered a new century Guitar Maestro accomplishing something of a study record by obtaining Grade 8 Classical Guitar with Merit in only 2 years of study through Trinity College London. Graham has performed along alongside many great artists including Rodriguez and is considered a modern-day guitar virtuoso.

Tracey Simmonds

Tracey is originally from the UK but now lives in Pretoria. She runs the Pole Studio SA and develops training programs with FitPole. She recently participated in the 2012 Pole Art in Stockholm Sweden. Her suppleness, strength and flexibility are astounding to watch as she bends herself around a pole in ways one would never dream possible.

Trent Murgatroyd

Trent is the Head of the International Kettlebell Fitness Federation in African trainer, and is a professional fitness instructor. He performs both the running wall act as well as the double trapeze act where his years of acrobatics and fitness training can be witnessed.

Megan Jaffray

Megan runs the distribution of various sport supplement range for endurance athletes and extreme sports. She also assists with various sport instruction programs. She has a Level 2 IKFF KT instructor and CSSC strength and conditioning qualification. Her double trapeze acts are a true reflection on her incredible strength and agility.

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