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Kety Pavlou runs a clinical psychology practice in the Craighall area and she specializes in long-term psychotherapy with adults, children and couples. Her undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Commerce, obtained at the University of Natal ' Pietermaritzburg. Thereafter, she worked in the marketing and advertising environment for more than a decade. Most of those years were spent with the TBWA Hunt Lascaris group engaging blue chip clients in the banking, retail, tourism, motor and media industries. A lifelong fascination with the human psyche led to a leap of faith and a change in careers. She began her journey into the field of psychology at the University of Johannesburg. A cum laude Honours and Masters Degrees was followed by a PhD titled 'An investigation of the conceptualisation of romantic love across South Africa: A cross cultural study'. Her clinical training was successfully completed at Tara H. Moross; the Child, Adolescent and Family Unit and Adult Psychiatric Units at Johannesburg General Hospital; Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital Child, Adolescent and Family Unit and Lyndhurst Primary School. Pavlou is passionate about and has a special interest in: ' Individual adult therapy ' for adults o who are negotiating difficult transitions in their lives e.g. career selection, partner selection, marriage, pregnancy, first child, second child, relationship difficulties, divorce, career change, trauma, illness, loss or death and meaning in life o who are wanting a space to explore and understand themselves better o who have long standing difficulties, perhaps stemming from childhood, that interrupt their adult lives e.g. interpersonal difficulties, complicated trauma, mood disorders e.g. depression and anxiety, eating disorders, suicidality etc. ' Individual play therapy ' for children (5-12 years old) with social, emotional, interpersonal and behavioural difficulties e.g. children struggling with anxiety, depression, school refusal, not coping at school academically, low self esteem, divorce, bullying, trauma, bereavement, attention deficit disorders, learning disorders, eating disorders, selective mutism, enuresis and encopresis. ' Psychological assessment for children - IQ intelligence and emotional ' Parental counselling - facilitating and assisting parents to adapt their parenting style to match the personality structure of their child; assisting parents to understand and respond to their child's emotional cues and needs; and during divorce assisting parents to: 1) help their child through a divorce, 2) separate their spousal relationship from their parental relationship, 2) find and negotiate the best parenting plan for the child ' Couple therapy - be it beginning a relationship; negotiating difficulties and differences in a relationship; exploring commitment in relationships; maintaining a relationship; managing and working through exits (e.g. affairs, addictions etc); negotiating difficulties, transitions and changes in relationships e.g. moving in together, getting married, in-law difficulties, birth of babies, changes in career, retrenchment, empty nest, illness, retirement; and finally ending relationships. Pavlou's experience in the field of psychology, fascination and passion for understanding the human psyche, curiosity about the life-cycle of human development, together with years of marketing strategy and creative thinking, has equipped her to be comfortable speaking on topics that relate to the five areas outlined above.

Kety  Pavlou


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