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John is an information, communication and technology (ICT) lawyer. He has 10 years of experience applying his knowledge to companies to help them grow and avoid legal problems, difficulties, and disputes. In particular, he has knowledge relating to and experience in high value, complex end-to-end commercial technology transactions. He has advised large multi-national technology vendors (so is aware of international best practice) as well as small start-ups. He has also helped companies that procure technology and technology users. He loves technology and is a big fan of Web 2.0 and on-demand hosted solutions. A business wants legal solutions on-demand when they need them and at a cost effective price. To provide legal solutions more effectively he uses technology. This includes using Internet based technologies to transform the way legal services are provided by standardising, systematising and packaging legal services and providing online legal services whenever possible. There will always be a need for bespoke, personal, high-level, consultative legal services. John provides these traditional legal services. But he takes the practice of law further by using technology. Internet based technologies like web-based platforms on which legal applications and services can be provided, and document assembly software. By using technology he enables business to help-themselves or do-it-themselves where possible. He is a big believer in the concept of open law – providing access to primary legal information and sharing legal information.

John Giles


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