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Bjørn is an active explorer, environmentalist, internationally renowned speaker and consultant on humanitarian, environmental and development issues, with vast corporate and human development experience.

Bjørn is an explorer’s club member and the recipient of a silver medal from Mikhail Gorbachev at the 10th anniversary green cross international at the United Nations in Geneva,for an outstanding contribution to environmental issues and global conscientiousness.
Bjørn Heyerdahl studied human nature in the hardest of workshops. It was during his six year sentence to detention and community service as a conscientious objector in the mid–eighties in apartheid South Africa that he began to explore firsthand the nature of organisations and the individuals within them. This interest led to further, more formal, research and study, on his release, and ultimately the development and launch of a series of personal, corporate, and community development programmes. His passion for finding solutions and working models of intelligent sustainable human habitation lead to the launching of the Midgard expedition and his working with eleven different African communities to provide such models. These have expanded with the needs of the clients, communities and eco systems they serve.

Bjørn is currently involved in the life of the Midgard community of consultants in programme development, facilitation and consulting with numerous public and private organisations and individuals. These include South Africa’s leading financial, property, transport agricultural, printing, import and export houses, as well as national media and communications networks, electricity distribution and management selection groups, who all enjoy his empathic and personalized approach.


Blue Genes – Introduction into Biospherics

A users guide to intelligent life on Earth.
This is your home. You Belong Here.
We are a genetic product of such crafting and grooming in this amazing Biosphere which we call Planet Earth and being re-introduced to our royal genetics and the true wonder of our potential and place as a global citizen is truly inspiring.
Bjorn emphatically impacts on his delegates at a much deeper, more fundamental level, not usually reached by “rah-rah” motivational speakers.
Get a clear understanding of the biospheric context of your life, look at yourself with a new understanding of the systems that have groomed your genetics and the systems that support your life, and be truly inspired to be the best human you can be.

Global Citizenship

We are not inheritors of the Earth – we are only it’s caretakers for our children…
The term “Global Citizen” has been bandied about a lot in recent years, but what exactly does it mean to BE a global citizen? What is the character of such a person, and what do we need to know and do on a very real, day-to-day level, to truly be effective in meeting current global challenges and especially to influence the circumstances and thinking of future generations?
Bjorn shows the inter-connectedness between all spheres of life and man’s relationship to them.

The Economics of Sustainability

Green design and sustainability is much more affordable than commonly thought!
Few man-made systems can withstand comparison with the Mother Earth and the way she goes about sustaining all life, in terms of efficient use of resources, Zero Waste or sustainability.
Bjorn shares an unexplored – and unexpectedly simple - set of principles and relationships that can be well used in any business or field of endeavour. The consequent efficiency in true sustainable design make it a critical area of financial sustainability for every organisation.
In essence: we cannot afford NOT to go “Green”, not only in altruistic terms of “saving the planet”, but also in terms of cold, hard, greenbacks (otherwise known as “the bottom line”).

The Future of Leadership

What will the leaders of our future look like? What will their attributes and characters be?
What is the nature of appropriate leadership in this era of dwindling resources, energy crisis and water scarcity?
What do current AND future leaders of industry need to understand about the context of their decision-making to empower them in business and personal contribution?
How do we harness new thinking on sustainability, global citizenship, and green technologies for the journey forward?
Bjorn pulls all this together and shows the connections that make the opportunities clear. He shares opportunities and insights for global leadership from a truly holistic viewpoint.


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