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Musa Kalenga is a seasoned communicator, strives to inspire fellow young Africans through his talks and writings; his passion for communication finding its finest expression in topics surrounding youth development and Africa’s advancement. In 2005/2006 Musa became the first Chairman of the Youth Advertising Board of South Africa. His keen insights led to the establishment of Monatefellaz, a marketing consultancy specializing in youth consumers. Musa has worked with ABSA, Transnet, Urban Brew Studio, and YO-TV, the Brand Leadership Group, PRASA, Unilever and Ulendo Travel, amongst others. As a television presenter, Musa has worked on the breakfast show Africa Awakes on DStv, as well as SABC’s 1day CEO. And with his Kalenga Touch show, which explores individuals who share his passion for life and entrepreneurial prosperity with the development of the continent in mind.


THE NEW AFRICA • New African inspiration • Personal branding • Corporate culture • Consumer insight • Youth development Musa Kalenga is a visionary young African who believes the continent’s finest hour will come when each person is empowered to live out their purpose – a goal he’s personally committed to. An active proponent of the new renaissance Africa is undergoing, Musa is on the forefront of recognising and defining the concept of the ‘New Africa’, embracing the truths about who we’re becoming as a people and how our interaction with the global community is changing as a result The way we dress, eat and socialise is based on cultural influences emanating from our communities. And if the way we’re doing things is changing, the next question is how this translates into the way we do business and how we employ people, particularly young Africans. The way the world views Africa is slowly changing, enabling us to start seeing ourselves the way we always imagined. All of this makes up the social and economic landscape that is modern Africa. On a practical level, these factors influence our consumption habits, patterns and behaviours. What works for brands in the western world simply doesn’t work the same way in Africa. Musa’s talk on the New Africa may be tailored to include any of the following, based on the audience. Best HR policy for recruiting & retaining New African employees HR policies have a vital role to play in supporting and building the desired organisational culture. Musa examines how, for example, recruitment and retention policies might outline the way the company values a flexible workforce and compensation policies might support this by offering a 48/52 pay option to give employees an extra four weeks holidays per year for less pay. Contextual personal branding While self-management techniques focus on self-improvement, the personal branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging. By clearly articulating who a person is and expressing these attributes in every aspect of the person, Musa explains how an indelible impression may be created that is uniquely distinguishable. Corporate culture Musa examines how the New African organisation can best harness the individual values of its diverse employees to create an enduring corporate culture that produces results. Youth development Musa discusses how organisations may provide infrastructure, platforms and opportunities for youth to explore, develop and prosper. The infrastructure should be emotional, spiritual, physical as well as economical. Consumer insight This topic seeks to give the audience a keen understanding of the patterns, behaviours and idiosyncrasies that define the New African consumer. African brands Building great brands in Africa requires an in-depth understanding of New Africans in order to best build brands that resonate with employees and customers alike.

Musa Kalenga


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