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Summary Profile

  • Developing Talent in the Digital World of Work

  • Generation Y / Millennials

  • Helping clients see the world through a digital lense

Raymond will take you on a journey of understanding the world of Digital Natives (Millennials), but contextualise it with an understanding of how and why older executives see the digital world, and their functioning in it.

Do you need to get insight into the changing world of work? Are you grappling with the different dynamics around the young people in your business, or your marketplace?

Do you wonder how to lead, manage, and connect with the new generation of talent ?

Raymond helps organisations understand the changes and impacts of this digital reality...

with specific emphasis on the human interaction in this space. This includes, though not limited, to understanding generational dynamics, Generation Y / Digital Natives, gamification of the workplace, leadership in this changing world, and being able to translate these diverse drivers of change into relevant and realistic strategies and tactical activities.


Presentations Raymond is best known for

Tomorrow's Talent Today

Attracting, Retaining and Engaging Millennial Superstars

Mind the Gap

Understanding and influencing different generations

Tomorrow's World Today

The disruptive forces shaping the world right now, and how we should respond




Raymond de Villiers


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