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Michael's face is familiar to South Africans as the man who always attracts trouble in the "Yebo Gogo" adverts, but Michael is much more than just a familiar face. Multi-talented Michael is a professional actor , singer, dancer, and cabaret artist.
He is at his best when he can display his talents on stage, especially his musical talents. A relaxing singer with a rich and resonant voice, Michael will make your evening special.

Why not book An Evening with Michael, an entrancing caberet performance in which Michael's vast repertoire enthralls the audience for about an hour? Or let Michael add his sparkle to your product launch.

Michael's fine sense of humour and excellent timing make him a popular choice as a Master of Ceremonies.



De Pinna’s Dinner Detectives:

The evening requires 20 volunteers from the audience to be celebrity "suspects". They are handed cue cards that are read out at specific times when prompted by the detectives. The 4 detectives guide the guests through the unfolding murder mystery until the culprit is revealed. Michael introduces and concludes the evening with a song and each detective also has a musical number as part of his/her performance. Michael is aided and abetted by the Vodka swilling, pill popping Lolly Sonmez on keyboards.


The show takes place before, in-between and after a 3 course meal as follows:
1. Inspector Close Ou Dip Penaar
2. Starters
3. Captain Bertha Meyerowitz
4. Main course
5. Major Cynthia Schoeman-Khumalo
6. Dessert
7. A surprise famous visiting detective
This is more suited to smaller groups of between 20 to 150 people. The meal can be buffet style rather than plated, with guests seated at tables.


The show takes place on a stage in a theatre auditorium type of setting or a conference venue with the audience seated either at tables or “cinema style”.
This method is suitable for larger groups with no meal involved during the show.
The cost of the show is determined by the statistics and location of the event
Sound and lighting are required for both approaches along with an operator.

Michael de Pinna


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