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AWARD-WINNING PLATFORM SPEAKER Estienne de Beer is an award-winning international platform speaker and leadership development specialist with in-depth experience across many companies, countries and cultures. He has empowered corporate audiences worldwide at conferences and business events through his keynote wildlife presentation “Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace”, a motivational talk about achieving results in business, top performance, exceptional teamwork and outstanding leadership. In addition to an industry-related “Speaker of the Year” award, Estienne has also authored the book “Boosting Your Career – Tips from Top Executives”. CORPORATE EXPERIENCE During his corporate career, Estienne headed up the training and leadership development of a Fortune 100 company’s South African operations and served as a leadership development resource for their African and Middle East operations. He received the “Manager of the Year” award in 2000, the same year in which the Financial Mail awarded his employer the title of one of the top 3 companies in South Africa. This leadership award was based on significant impact made on the business, implementation of the diversity policy, demonstrating the transferable skills required of a top manager, and being a role model to aspiring managers. At the time, he led his sales team to the number one position within the retail sales force. LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Estienne’s personal centre of influence includes a network of accomplished business leaders worldwide. He has consulted globally and locally to a number of well-known companies, focusing strongly on leadership development, employee motivation, learning and development, and personality assessments. He has also published articles in various business magazines amongst other titles like “Immature Leaders Go Off Like Milk”, “The Menace of Micromanagement”, and “The Perils of Positive Thinking”. As part of his professional degree in Communications, he majored in Industrial Psychology and Public Relations. INTERNATIONAL KEYNOTE ADDRESS For an hour, Estienne unlocks practical business applications with the inspirational “Meerkat Motivation for the Marketplace”. This keynote presentation for corporate conferences and business events can be customized for a multitude of purposes including motivation, sales, teamwork, leadership, change management, diversity, risk and many more.


“High Performance Teamwork – Meerkat Style” “lnspirational Leadership in Tough Times – Meerkat Style” “Success in Sales – Meerkat Style” “Championing Change – Meerkat Style” “Risk Management – Meerkat Style” “Harnessing Diversity – Meerkat Style”

Rave Reviews

“Highly inspirational and unlimited passion combined with the ability to use metaphors. Estienne has built an incredible skill in getting people to think how their (changed) behaviour can positively contribute. A positive experience from start to end.” - Michel van Beek, President, Fellowes Europe • “Estienne was invited to our regional Africa management conference and delivered an absolutely brilliant, passionate and funny presentation. The feedback was overwhelming, the wake-up call from the usual dull, corporate topics was well heard and meerkats have stayed on everyone’s mind. Estienne was professional throughout and I can only highly recommend him to an event.” - Hermann Zunker, Director Africa, Lufthansa Cargo • “… for a sales force spanning seven Middle East countries … Estienne’s ability to hold the attention of a multi- cultural audience with diverse backgrounds in a non-threatening, humorous manner is simply astounding and relating human behaviour to that of the meerkat … set the scene for a world class inaugural Sales Conference!” - Amanda Grose, Regional HR Manager, RMD Kwikform Middle East • “...he has the ability to combine day to day practicality with the enhancement of extra vigour and enthusiasm. I will use him again without hesitation.” - Mike Smith, Head : Europe Sub Region 2, EMEA region & Latin America, Bayer Diabetes Care

Estienne de Beer


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