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Kevin was jailed in Zimbabwe in 1988 for politically motivated crimes committed on behalf of the former South African Government.

He was sentenced to death and was held naked and in complete solitary confinement for 5 of his eighteen years incarceration never knowing when the door would be opened and he would be led to the gallows.

Prior to his arrest Kevin, whilst working in the CIO, was a close confidant to President Robert Mugabe .  He was also a covert agent for the Apartheid government with the ANC in exile being his main target.  Despite this,  former President Nelson Mandela made numerous approaches to Mugabe to seek Kevin’s release.  All of which Mugabe agreed to, and then did nothing.

Kevin, in stark and emotion laden words, speaks of his life whilst working for Mugabe, as a double agent, and how he got through 7140 days and nights in a totally helpless and hopeless situation in jail.  He recounts the double standards and betrayal, false hope and crushing disillusionment he had to get through, and still, somehow, remain sane.

Kevin will lead you through the joy of a personal meeting with Nelson Mandela, of being re-united with his children,  and adjustment to the modern day world.  The first time he touched a cellphone was in July 2006!

Kevin will relate how to cling to the positives of life, even if you have to make believe, and how he managed to stay alert to the negatives that can so easily continually knock you down.

His story, motivation,  and powerful humility will capture people’s hearts and hopefully carry those who are  lethargically so close to giving up, or dreading each day,  forward with mental strength and purpose.


Rave Reviews

His talk had everyone riveted to their seats and you could have heard a pin drop throughout his talk, which is profound to the extreme. In fact, it is difficult writing a testimonial to describe such a deeply emotional, shocking and harsh experience. Kevin’s subject matter is highly unusual, thought provoking and his presentation simple yet extremely effective. I highly recommend Kevin Woods inspiring presentation. Duncan Paul Managing Director The Dunranch Group (Pty) Ltd

Kevin Woods


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