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Wisdom Preserver and Connection Specialist Lynda Smith has a passionate love of people and the development of future leaders. She is a master networker, innovator and big picture thinker. Her current role is building a new business called Refirement Network. This network is helping organisations and baby boomers ( those born between 1946 and 1964) to understand the opportunities and challenges that the future holds for this demographic group. Lynda has vast business experience and has traveled extensively both locally and internationally. It is this diverse experience that makes her an ideal project person. Her ability to see through traditional boundaries and bring the uniqueness of different areas together to create something superb is world class. For a period of ten years, Lynda developed and ran an educational business, Educational School Supplies. In the early 90’s, she sold this business and joined Smile Education to grow a direct sales division. She was awarded the National Business Woman of the Year award in 1994. She then joined the head office team at Smile Education and helped build the company, which was awarded the status of being a top 20 Non-Listed Company in 1998 and 1999. She served as Sales and Marketing Director, and then as International Director of this Company. In 2002, she chose to leave to further her personal passion. Lynda has a passion for children, women in leadership and understanding how we as South Africans can unlock skill development and help grow the economy. The social landscape of South Africa will be influenced by all South Africans understanding how important it is to play an active role in the development of the future generation. Over the past four years she has helped grow the MySchool program throughout South Africa. This program assists schools with funding on a sustainable basis. More than one and half million is paid across to schools every month. Lynda has two adult children who have kept her grounded. Many of the lessons I have learnt have been through parenting and helping my children understand the world we now live in. I consider them my greatest lesson that life has given me. They are also my greatest blessing. She lists her hobbies as reading, life long learning, theatre, movies and socialising with a wide group of friends and family. She has a passion for travel both locally and internationally. Lynda can assist you in the following ways through the Refirement Network • Product Development • Resources • Facilitation • Strategy • Coaching • Triple Bottom Line/CSI strategy • Parenting Workshops and Key Note Presentation • Work Life balance for Women in the 21st Century • Retirement Coach for 21st century Boomers • Marketing • Workshops and Presentations


Don’t Retire- REFIRE The world has changed. The generation now in their late 40’s and 50’s will not retire like previous generations. Technology, health advancement and demographics have allowed us to have at least another 20 to 30 good years. Come and listen to a presentation on why this is happening as well as the trends that have emerged as a result. This talk will open numerous opportunities for your own future and your mature staff. This talk works well in the following environments: Breakfast event Executive breakaway Wellness division of any company looking after their mature staff Clubs and Churches There is also a three hour workshop called The Next Chapter than can be added to this mix for groups that want to work more on their own plan for the road ahead.

Lynda Smith


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