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 Your topics focus on historical adventurers - are you essentially an adventurer or a historian?

I consider myself an adventurer, who is very interested in human beings.

How did you get into speaking for a living? 

 Whilst at University, I did a huge number of motorcycle trips into central Africa. When I returned from those trips, there was always a group of fellow students who wanted to hear what had happened on the bike. Many of those listeners thought I was a reasonable storyteller, one of whom became Curator of the Rorke's Drift museum and recommended me as a storyteller to the late David Rattray. I met David Rattray in January 2001 and began working with him on the Zulu War battlefields in March 2001. I studied Agriculture and have a background in wildlife safari guiding, photography and travel. If anyone mentioned 16 years ago, that I would one day be speaking for a living, I would have considered the idea crazy!

What do you hope people can learn from you?

Our current Q&A guest is TJ Malamule, who inspires employees to be great performers.

 TJ, the inspirer, what is the most important message you like to share with your radio and TV listeners and your live audiences? 

 I want to share with them how they can supercharge their destiny & become "Rock Star Performers". My keynote will help them realise the amazing potential they have and how to unleash themselves to improve the quality of their work & lives.

 In these tough times what can they do to stay motivated?

Tough times calls for redefining and adjusting for growth. When things gets tougher it’s time to do more for others, add value in humanity that redefines your good day, as what you did for others, not what they did for you. When things are tough it time to implement success rituals instead of being a victim.

 If people only take one thing away from your talk, what would you want it to be?

You too were born to be a Rock star.

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Introducing a new feature on the blog, Q & A with speakers, a place where you can get to know them on a more personal level and get some unique insights into what makes them tick.

Today I would like to introduce Barrie Bramley:

Barrie, who are you and what do you talk about? 

I'm often described as a disruptor of thoughts, and can be counted on to bring alternative and creative perspective to the table. I often think of myself as a curious wanderer, fascinated by how people engage with each other and the world around them. I like to speak about change, innovation and trends that are bringing about change, innovation and trends. I've been speaking for around 15 years now, mostly locally, but at times fortunate enough to have spoken on some international platforms as well.

What is the best part of your job?

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Introducing our blog

We hope you like the look and feel of our new Speakers of Note website and that finding what you are looking for regarding speakers and entertainers has become simpler.  We know you also value the personal touch so of course we are always here to advise, suggest and hopefully, delight you with our service. Contact details are below.

A bit of background

Based in South Africa, Speakers of Note has been in the business of assisting our clients with placing speakers at conferences and events since 2001 and in that time we have come to know the business of selecting the right speakers and entertainers for a function pretty well.  

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