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Arthur Goldstuck's latest talk - check it out.


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You: the Media



Daryl Ilbury is a senior journalist, writer and author, and a consultant on the psychology of the media consumer. He is based in Cape Town.



A seasoned speaker and storyteller, Daryl draws on over 30 years’ experience in the media as an award-winning breakfast show broadcaster, writer, columnist and journalist, with over 250 articles published in a number of leading titles, including the Financial Times, Sunday Times, Saturday Star, Mail & Guardian, Business Day and Sunday Tribune, and Leadership and Guru magazines. He is also the author of A Fox’s Tale and Tim Noakes: The Quiet Maverick, both published by Penguin Random House. He holds a degree in clinical psychology, a postgraduate HDE in clinical assessment and counselling, and a master’s degree in science journalism from City, University of London.

This talk is important for those who know that anyone in their organisation with access to social media - even in their private capacity - has the potential to cause reputational damage to that organisation’s brand. This is the new normal in media and communications. The talk is especially relevant for those in an organisation entrusted with marketing and business brand imaging.
It is a highly entertaining and illuminating talk about the unknown pitfalls facing social media users as the generators of media content, especially in an era of ‘fake news’, ‘post-truth politics’, and recurring ‘Twittergates’. It’ll make any social media user think carefully before they ‘post’, ‘share’, or ‘like’ something ever again. Uses Powerpoint/Keynote and demonstrations.
  1. Introduction: How the media has changed, and the unfortunate impact this has had on our world.
  2. It’s not just about writing stuff - the responsibilities of qualified news journalists and how they protect us. Includes issues of ethics and media law.
  3. The human psychology behind ‘social media’ - what actually makes it ‘social’, and what really drives it.
  4. Human cognition: So you think you think rationally? Demonstrations of how easily our minds are fooled, how we are influenced by emotion, how we are biased, how we are wired to be dishonest and yet believe others are not, and how we deal with it.
  5. What’s lurking ‘out there’ within the social media matrix that drives fake news and shapes what we believe - algorithms, bot farms, and fake news factories.
  6. Conclusion: So what can we do? Handy tips for being smart on social media.
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Cape to Rio row unassisted world first expedition

On the 9th May 2017, Braam achieved his third world-first. Together with his rowing partner they rowed a 6.8m rowing boat from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro. The pair rowed in two-hourly shifts, with one rowing while the other made water and food and slept. The journey was fraught with problems, such as being capsized four times by 40 foot waves and being submerged for five minutes, their water desalinator not working and having large ships bearing down on them 27 times.

What can rowing 8 100km in 92 days across the tempestuous South Atlantic ocean with more then 2M strokes do to you?

Does it build you or break you?

How can you perform at your best when you row 2 hrs on and 2 hrs off 24/7 with your life permanently at risk? Focus, attention to detail and holding the greater vision are critical. These challenges and lessons do not have to be learned under such trying circumstances but are the daily differences between mediocrity and extreme performance.

We constantly deal with stress, crises and unreasonable pressure; not only in our professional environment but also in our personal lives. ‘Average’ or ‘my best’ is no longer good enough; extreme performance is key to rising above all odds. It is only when we are challenged way beyond the norm that we reach our fullest potential.

Business demands that we perform, to innovate and think out of the box all the time. Curve balls are a part of life; it is how we deal with them that defines us.

This is a story of winning against all odds in the most extreme of environments, overcoming the most unpredictable conditions, heroism, leadership and innovation. You can choose from three difference presentation according to your event and audience.


Extreme Performance - Leadership

Extreme Performance - Motivation

Extreme Performance - Personal development


Target audience: Leadership and Management

Business demands that we perform, to innovate and think out of the box all the time. Curve balls are a part of life; it is how we deal with them that defines us. During this captivating one-hour presentation Braam demonstrates through his expedition the following concepts and will give the audience these take- away lessons:

• How the power to visualize is the key to success

• Are leaders born or made?

• How to move from success to significance

•How to perform daily tasks in the face of relentless adversity

•How to reach your full potential and empower you to become better

stewards of the Earth and your business

•How to take control of your life, have empathy for others and embrace

change to grow your business

•The importance of staying focused


•The importance of the individual in the team

•Encourage your team when you are demotivated

•The importance of good communication

•The qualities of an outstanding leader

•DOT - The power of collective effort

• Effective communication


Target audience: Sales team, clients and general staff

This talk focuses on personal development. How to encourage your sales team and staff in a way that will inspire them to perform better, as well as to inspire your clients to feel that they want to be a part of your business. During this top motivational one-hour presentation, Braam demonstrates through his expedition, the following concepts and will give the audience these take-away lessons:

•The importance of dreaming big

•The importance of team-work and your personal role in the team

•Importance of good customer service

•How to reach your full potential and empower you to become better

stewards of the Earth and your company

•The power of the mind

•Dealing with change - staying focused and being flexible

•The importance of a positive attitude in difficult times

•The importance of preparation and planning

•DOT - The power of collective effort

•Never give up

“I have heard dozens of speakers and Braam was by far the best I have ever heard.” - Mark Keating. Sales Guru


Target audience: award events, schools, sport conferences, conservation events

This talk is pure motivation that focus on personal development, how to enrich your life, finding a purpose beyond ego and peak perform even in the most challenging times. During this top motivational one-hour presentation Braam demonstrates through his expedition the following concepts and will give the audience these take-away lessons:

•Dream big, minimize risks and nothing is impossible

•The importance of a positive attitude

•The more you give, the more you get

•Affective and sincere communication

•The power of the mind

•How to reach your full potential and empower stewards of the Earth you to become better

•DOT - The power of collective effort

•Is there such a thing as failure?


Braam Malherbe

International motivational speaker



“1200 people exploded from their seats in a roaring standing ovation. What you are contributing to the world is so significant and your humble delivery of your story won the hearts of our people.” - Irene Green , Harcourts International Ltd

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Daniel Silke – Special Edition Keynote


The Historic Vote: What Local Election Results mean for South Africa’s Political Economy in 2016 & Beyond.


Just released: South Africa has entered into a new era of coalition politics as the ANC loses ground across the country. What does a weaker ANC mean for South Africa? Will the result impact the 2019 General Election? What are the ramifications for both leadership change and economic policy? Can the elections influence the ratings agencies? Is competitive democracy good for South Africa? Can the economy recover or will it continue to feel strain? All these issues and more will be analysed in Daniel Silke’s special edition keynote immediately available for booking. 


Daniel Silke is a Political Economy analyst and Director of the Political Futures Consulting based in Cape Town. Silke’s views are now sought out by the BBC, Bloomberg, AFP, the Financial Times, Business Day, 702/Cape Talk and a host of global and international media. He offers an acclaimed series of keynote presentations suitable for a wide variety of conferences and events.

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I am doing an entire re-invention and development of my work, making it more international, more quirky and developing new characters:-

  • from a talking air-sickness bag
  • to an audience member who believes he really is a lion
  • to another two audience members pretending to be jellyfish
  • to an ostrich made from feather dusters
  • as well as some hilarious a-political material for Chester Missing.

Here are some of the pics to go with this and watch this space for news.


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