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Our current Q&A guest is TJ Malamule, who inspires employees to be great performers.

 TJ, the inspirer, what is the most important message you like to share with your radio and TV listeners and your live audiences? 

 I want to share with them how they can supercharge their destiny & become "Rock Star Performers". My keynote will help them realise the amazing potential they have and how to unleash themselves to improve the quality of their work & lives.

 In these tough times what can they do to stay motivated?

Tough times calls for redefining and adjusting for growth. When things gets tougher it’s time to do more for others, add value in humanity that redefines your good day, as what you did for others, not what they did for you. When things are tough it time to implement success rituals instead of being a victim.

 If people only take one thing away from your talk, what would you want it to be?

You too were born to be a Rock star.

 What drives you personally and keeps you motivated?

The transformation reports I get from clients.

 What is the biggest mistake you see companies make these days as far as customer awareness is concerned?  

They deal with customers from a “too professional level”. Everything is automated, there is no soul and connection in it

 How would you suggest they change that?

 They should have more soul, more connection on a personal level.  Human beings are emotional beings. If you can connect to them you can get more from them.

 Please share something about the private TJ, family, passions not related to work, how you like to spend your free time?

 Am the second born out of the 4 boys (handsome one). Raised by a single mother.  I love watching series on Tv, Comedy  and I love theatre.

 You use humour in your presentations, where does that come from?  

I use humour to connect to the audience. It all came from my mother and brothers. I grew up around people who always looked for a good joke to share.



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